Monday, December 5, 2016

China Dream

It was American Dream after the two World War, and recent years due to the rise of China economically, we now have a new consciousness, that of China Dream. Individual brave adversity and settled down in Beijing to chase their Dream. Interestingly, the people who chase the China Dream are not only those from developing countries but from developed countries, such as Singapore, Canada and American.
Singers descend on Hou Hai (后海), sing in the hundreds of drinking joints in search of their dreams. There are many reality shows that allow vast exposure for their talents. People from South East Asia are seen participating in them and loved by the Chinese. Perhaps these movements encouraged a sense of belonging with a larger audience, as a singular entity, that of an Asian identity.
Of course, these are differences among countries in this vast geography, the need for inclusiveness in diversity become a common understanding through friendly interactions. The idiom ‘君子和而不同’,a gentleman gets along with others but does not necessarily agree with them. This is the underlying principle for bringing diverse people together.

Another interpretation of the China Dream from the global view, proposed by the Chinese government, is one of bringing better living condition for people in the developing countries, believing that peace can be achieved not through competition but inclusiveness. Lives changing projects win the hearts of many and achieve peace globally. Assisting countries to get out of poverty had been the campaign by many developed countries but it is an ardent task that has made slow progress, perhaps China's infrastructure push in the region can fasten the process, as the Chinese have learned from their own experience in raising their standard of living.