Thursday, September 28, 2017

Connecting to Indonesia - bridges

After seeing the OBOR of China, in fact, the rise of Asean or South East Asia is imminent. Roads and Rails should connect the region tightly so that people and goods can move freely. Lives will improve with trade and Urbanisation of the region. Yes, we need to look for another model of urbanization. We should prepare for the rise of this part of the world. Expertise in urban planning and architecture is very important.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Changing World view - 辉煌中国

After world war II (WWII), many countries went into civil wars due to the way territories were divided among them, creating friction and wars, as the instrument of divide and rule manifest their destiny. Alleviation of poverty as promoted by the rich nations had not done much for the poorer countries. They remain poor and war-torn, underprivileged, in dire straits for better lives.

Friday, September 15, 2017

A new consciousness

Many countries are looking up to China for their own progress and wellbeing. Sometimes ago, people think progress and a simple happier family unit is not easily attainable in their countries. Many countries that have wars or civil wars believe that a country's progress comes about through ideological, religious and political transformation. Now, that thinking has been proven wrong. Peace is the prerequisite for a stable society where people can concentrate on their countries' development and progress. People want a simple life, a roof over their head, jobs, family, and a peaceful society.
China realized the same, after their experiment of industrialization 大跃进, then the cultural revolution 文化大革命, through close door policy and self-help initiative. Finally, these methods were futile and brought China suffering and deterioration. Through it they realized that nothing is more important than having the family unit together, peace and fulfilling the simple necessity of life. Deng Xiao Ping’s Black and White Cat, 黑猫白猫只要会捉老鼠的猫 dictum gave the people a way forward. 

The foreign Policy of China - 大国外交

I met Alex and Zhang on the trip to Tengzhou. We were discussing the progress that China is making in the world and we were very impressed by the recent reports on the progress of OBOR. He recommended that I should check out the series done recently, 大国外交. I watched it and gain more understanding of the role China intends to play and their confidence that they prefer their own way of connecting and harmonizing with many other countries. 
Here are the links to the series.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Singapore and China in the eyes of LKY

From this video we got a clue that LKY had left for us. He had foreseen that China will rise and become powerful. He mentioned that China's rise is good for Singapore. The only question is: How can we find a way to benefit from the rise of China? Yes, China has planned beyond their boundary and with their financial resources and global standing, they had convinced many developing countries to open their countries allowing better connections, trades, and efficient transportation of goods and services. In so doing, it will diminish the goe-location of Singapore as a transportation hub. We have to re-orientate our mindset, to become another form of center, perhaps a cultural and innovative 

Monday, December 5, 2016

China Dream

It was American Dream after the two World War, and recent years due to the rise of China economically, we now have a new consciousness, that of China Dream. Individual brave adversity and settled down in Beijing to chase their Dream. Interestingly, the people who chase the China Dream are not only those from developing countries but from developed countries, such as Singapore, Canada and American.
Singers descend on Hou Hai (后海), sing in the hundreds of drinking joints in search of their dreams. There are many reality shows that allow vast exposure for their talents. People from South East Asia are seen participating in them and loved by the Chinese. Perhaps these movements encouraged a sense of belonging with a larger audience, as a singular entity, that of an Asian identity.
Of course, these are differences among countries in this vast geography, the need for inclusiveness in diversity become a common understanding through friendly interactions. The idiom ‘君子和而不同’,a gentleman gets along with others but does not necessarily agree with them. This is the underlying principle for bringing diverse people together.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

A new consciousness - China Dream

When I first heard of the concept of the Silk Road proposed by the Premier Xi Jinping of China, I thought it was another political slogan that retraced old history to establish, soften the Chinese economic expansion, and legitimise their action. I did not pay mush attention to the details of the plan.
One day I came across the youtube video '一带一路'. The video shows the commitment of China in helping the countries that span the Silk Road. It is a dream to connect through roads, seas and air so that people can benefit through economic exchanges, through goods and services, eventually billions of lives could change, bringing about better communication and understanding, eventually resolving conflicts.