Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Singapore and China in the eyes of LKY

From this video we got a clue that LKY had left for us. He had foreseen that China will rise and become powerful. He mentioned that China's rise is good for Singapore. The only question is: How can we find a way to benefit from the rise of China? Yes, China has planned beyond their boundary and with their financial resources and global standing, they had convinced many developing countries to open their countries allowing better connections, trades, and efficient transportation of goods and services. In so doing, it will diminish the goe-location of Singapore as a transportation hub. We have to re-orientate our mindset, to become another form of center, perhaps a cultural and innovative 
innovative centre where people would congregate to learn, to be inspired and to live, a kind of paradise on earth, the garden of 'Perfection'. We have to plan beyond our shore, think out of Singapore, dare to be different and unique, be bold and resilience, persevere and strike towards the next lap, not to be overjoyed with the fruit of success and deteriorate into oblivion.  We have to wake up from the corruption of complacency, the fear of failure, the lethargy of thinking that all is well and we will continue to grow without much effort. Shame to those who had enjoyed the fruit of our forefather and refused to change, as our paradigm shifted, refusing to see the inevitability that will confront us.  We need to re-think and act for this immense shift that is coming, else we will be spiraling down.

Something to note in the Video:
  • LKY mentioned that "What we can do China can do better", in view of his foresight, as Singapore we should accept the fact and position ourselves to benefit from the rise of China's economic power.
  • LKY: I say that they are determine as a people, unify and build a modern, powerful,  wealthy, Chinese nation, ... the moment they get prosperous, good luck to me because I will be much safer. (17:30). It would be unwise to think that the rise of China is not a good thing to Singapore and we should act in contrary to the situation. 
Another interesting view from Krishore Mahbubani (马凯硕). Here we see an amazing possibility, Singapore being the New York of South East Asia. An amazing tall order to achieve.